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Blog » A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

By EFO Executive Director Angela Martin

EFO's Angela Martin on the first day of the 2012 sessionAs a lobbyist, the first day of the legislative session is akin to the first day of school. There’s the same palpable excitement and anticipation. You remember to have a good breakfast before you head out the door. You pick out a nice outfit to ensure you make a good impression on your friends and teachers – or in this instance, other lobbyists and legislators. You double-check your bag for your supplies – except now we’ve traded in pencils and protractors for iPads and smart phones. You come armed with your stories from break to share with others.

My stories come from the people I’ve met in recent months. Hardworking Oregon homeowners who are spending their days and nights fighting a system that’s stacked against them.

That’s why I’m here in Salem today - to help Oregonians win some tools to actually have a chance in this uneven playing field. Simple steps that would go a long way, such as giving homeowners the opportunity to sit down with their lender before they lose their house, the chance to find out whether they qualify for any other options before being put on the path to foreclosure and the right to be notified when their home will be foreclosed on.

Many people are shocked to learn that these basic requirements are not already a part of Oregon law. But the hard truth is, they’re not. It’s time to change that. Please click here to learn more about how you can help.