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Blog » Heading to the House

Heading to the House

Homeowners and EFO head Angela Martin just after the Senate voted in favor of foreclosure reformYesterday was a big win for Oregon homeowners – their state Senators chose to heed their calls to address the foreclosure crisis by passing SB 1552 & SB 1564. Now the bills move on to the House, where we know the banking lobbyists are already preparing to block them. In anticipation of their antics, we’ve made some informal predictions of which strategy lawmakers beholden to the banking lobby will choose:

a) Gut and stuff the bill with the requirement that all homeowners literally hold their breath until they get a call back from their bank.

b) Try to claim they never received the bills from the Senate, just like big banks do with homeowner paperwork.

c) Agree to pass a bill that does absolutely nothing and claim victory. 

We’ll bring you the results as they develop. In the meantime, make sure to speak out against any and all of these losing strategies by calling your Representative at 1.800.332.2313 and urging support on SB 1552 & SB 1564.