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Backseat Driver

Scott Tucker, aka "World's Biggest User"Usury is the act of charging an unconscionable or exorbitant rate or amount of interest. Most people have heard this term, particularly in regards to things that are anti-usury, such as laws passed in Oregon to protect consumers from predatory payday lenders.

But one man, Scott Tucker, has earned himself a new spin on the term. Because of his notorious practice of using people to further his own success, we’re dubbing what he does “usery”. In this in-depth article on his shady antics, Tucker’s penchant for leaving the heavy lifting to others is chronicled in disgusting detail.

Let’s start from the beginning. This guy earned his lavish lifestyle – replete with private jets and multi-million dollar mansions – by profiting off low-income workers. Tucker used Americans in tough financial spots as his springboard into the world of the rich and famous – charging sky-high interest rates to consumers already struggling to make ends meet. Then, to ensure his continued cash flow off the hard-working families that used his payday loan services to make ends meet, he partnered with cash-strapped Native American tribes in order to bypass pesky anti-usury laws in states like Oregon by hawking otherwise illegal payday loans via online shops. But Tucker isn’t satisfied getting the tribes to do his dirty work and just raking in the profits – he decides he needs a hobby. So at the age of 48, he decides he’s going to be a racecar driver. But get this -  he uses professional drivers in his races, and only gets in the driver’s seat for a portion of the actual competition.

To recap: Tucker got rich off the backs of low-income workers, stayed rich by convincing financially-strapped Native American tribes to partner with him, and now uses all that money he’s made thanks to exploiting others to hire professional race car drivers to win competitions for him. But there is one arena where we think Tucker is easily a champ all on his own – World’s Biggest User.